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Exhaust hood cleaning is critical to the safety of your kitchen. The National Fire Protection Agency, and local laws in practically every state, require that commercial cook lines keep their hood cleaning routine. And for good reason:

  • Most fires start in the kitchen. This is especially true for businesses. Often, the required fire suppression systems just aren’t enough.
  • Your fryers, stoves, and grills, can quickly become a liability if they’re not properly cleaned and maintained. Every year, restaurants across the country pay a combined millions of dollars in damages.

The Required Hood Cleaning Service

If you want to avoid what could be thousands in fines, you’ll need to keep your kitchen exhaust cleaning law compliant. NFPA 96 outlines what sort of vent hood cleaning different types of kitchens need.

High volume restaurants require quarterly cleanings for example. But you’ll need monthly cleanings if you’re using solid fuel. If you’re only cooking moderate amounts of food, you’ll possibly only require semi-annual kitchen hood cleaning. The smallest operations will only need annual cleanings.

What You Need from Your Hood Cleaning Company

The basic upkeep your staff does is important, but it can only go so far. Full-scope restaurant grease removal requires specialized equipment and know-how. Having those things is the only way to be sure your kitchen isn’t a hotbed for possible hiccups. Your hood cleaning should include:

  • Complete cleaning and targeted disassembly of problem areas. To include hoods, filters, grease troughs, and grease socks.
  • Removal of fans and thorough degreasing of ductwork.
  • Polishing of your equipment to help fight off future grease.
  • The placement of an inspection-ready sticker to show your compliance with safety and fire-prevention laws.

How We Go About Kitchen Hood Cleaning

We use special caustic chemicals to clean your equipment. Then, with the help of our own machinery, we spray down the applied areas with pressurized water. When we’re done, we collect the grease and go on our way. We don’t leave any behind; that stuff isn’t good for your drains!

Sometimes, we have to use a bit of manual labor to get the job of cleaning your kitchen vents done. We don’t waste your time. If we need to break out the scrapers, we’ll do that; we’ll know what your specific kitchen needs after only a quick and painless inspection.

Commercial Hood Cleaning Service Near You

We’re the experts in vent hood cleaning near you.

Florida Hood Cleaning has been servicing the Pasco, Hillsborough, and Pinellas county areas for years. We have a qualified team of experts ready to be at your disposal.

We’ve built relationships with dozens of Florida restaurants because we value your long-term business; we’ll never over-charge you or provide services you don’t need.

Give us a call if you need to tackle your kitchen hood cleaning in Florida. Our phone number is 727-827-7992 and you can reach us by email at:

Our customer service is the best-of-the-best. They’re waiting to help you never have to worry about your kitchen grease removal ever again.

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