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The roof of your restaurant could be getting ready to cost you thousands in repair bills. After that, it’s very like you’ll have to pay thousands more in fines. Not a good outlook, is it?

Our team of experts can help you avoid any mishaps. Your commercial upblast exhaust fan is always discharging oils, grease, and fats. All that can quickly turn into a major safety hazard if you’re not managing your rooftop grease containment. You can be charged for the runoff too; if you let things get out of hand, you’ll likely be on the hook for the pollution.

A Solution to Restaurant Rooftop Grease

Factory fans often can’t contain the collective muck that a commercial kitchen produces. You need a sophisticated grease containment system that targets your specific needs, and that satisfies your local laws. Sometimes that can be as simple as equipping your machinery with a new fan hinge to support failure-prone areas. Other times you’ll need a different strategy.

We can provide a targeted appraisal of your needs; all it’ll take is a single consultation. Whether you need a restaurant grease trap, grease gutter, or grease box, we’ve installed dozens of each. We can let you know what fits your business and offer the equipment for the most competitive prices. Grease pillows, grease socks, and other accessories can be ordered as you need or with the suggested hardware.

Professional Grease Management

With us you’ll never have to worry about your professional grease containment ever again. We provide all-included containment plans for commercial kitchens in the Pasco, Hillsborough, and Pinellas county areas. Over the years, Florida Hood Cleaning has built solid relationships with dozens of restaurants. We value long term business with our clients, so we’ll never waste your time or money.

Our customer service teams and grease containment experts are waiting to hear from you. Our phone number is 727-827-7992 and you can reach us by email at:

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