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A fan hinge kit for your upblast exhaust systems is what’ll keep your commercial fans clean and operational. Hinges are required by NFPA 96, most insurance nowadays, and they’re just plain practical.

A properly kitted out kitchen can save you a lot of money. Even a lot of stress.

What Exhaust Fan Hinge Kit Do You Need?

Generally, an upblast fan system needs a few things to already be set up before you go about putting a hinge kit on it.

First off, before any fan can be hinged, we’ll need to make sure that its electrical cord is out of the way of any pinch points. For safety reasons, the cord will also need to be long enough to stretch with the hinges.

Next, we’ll have to install a hinge that fits your specific unit. We’ll take a few measurements if we need to and get you the equipment that works best. We’ve installed exhaust fan hinges on practically all makes of fans, so we know a thing or two about what machinery needs what.

Our expert teams here at Florida Hood Cleaning can make the job painless, easy, and fast.

How Much Do Exhaust Fan Hinges Cost?

A good set of hinges can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Ideally, if they’re installed right, a fan hinge kit will allow you to maintain your machines and keep them running a lot longer. They allow for a much easier time cleaning, which should help in cutting your maintenance bills down. This ease of access also means cleaning crews will be able to see what they’re trying to get at without a lot of unneeded effort; this should result in a much better and deeper cleaning.

Usually, exhaust fan hinges can run anywhere from $250.00 to $450.00 U.S dollars. This all comes down to the size of the fan and just how difficult it’ll be to work with.

We’re Experts in All things Kitchen Fan

We at Florida Hood Cleaning have spent years cleaning and installing hinges on all shapes and sizes of upblast fans.

We know the process and we know what you’ll be worried about. Our expertise will save you time and money. We’ll be in and out easily and make sure everything is up to code.

If you’re in the Pasco, Hillsborough or Pinellas counties in Florida, we’d be happy to chat about possibly visiting your business soon.

We’ve worked with dozens of restaurants to bring their kitchen fans up to all the applicable standards. We get the job done and make sure you never have to worry about it being done right.

Our customer service is standing by to answer your questions, or to figure out a time to dispatch one of our expert teams to your location.

Our phone number is 727-827-7992 and you can reach us by email at:


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